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Chrome And HTML5 Updates

There are some very interesting technologies that are now available in Chrome. In this post I will try to cover some of them.

We know that Google started the Chrome project on the three ideas of speed, simplicity, and security. It’s still focusing on these important aspects while keep moving forward (fast) on implementation of many other HTML5 features. You can find Chrome on mobile, desktop, Chromebook and Chromecast. Let’s see what are the new, improved features we got these days as developers in Chrome platform:

Focus areas Chrome is moving forward

Mobile and Open Web Platform

We’re investing a lot of time to make sure mobile web experiences improve and that they are easier to develop!

  1. Build amazing mobile web apps
  2. WebGL, Web Audio, WebRTC, Web Speech and many more APIs that give you ‘native’ capabilities inside your browser.
  3. Vibration
  4. Device Motion
  5. WebRTC code lab (link) to check the new world of media (video/audio) in Chrome without plugins.

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Raspberry Pi And Google Coder #socool

The Web is awesome and this week I had the pleasure to play with a new ‘face’ of the web platform. It’s built for Raspberry Pi and you can take it as far as your imagination will let you.


Coder is a very cool project that aim to be a simple way to make web stuff on Raspberry Pi. Short and sweet. It is also an experiment for Raspberry Pi that give you a free piece of software that turns a Raspberry Pi into a simple, personal web server and web-based development environment. Basically, all that you need, for crafting HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.  Plus, it’s an open-source project so you could fork it and learn from the source on Continue reading

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Google Cloud Platform – App Engine and Beyond

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 2.43.33 PMFew minutes ago we finish a great event in Campus TLV. We had the pleasure to have Dr Peter Magnusson (Director of Engineering for App Engine at Google) and Greg DeMichillie (Director Product Management, Cloud Platform at Google). For the ones, that do not know what is GAE: Google App Engine is a complete development stack that uses familiar technologies to build and host applications on the same infrastructure used at Google. It is used by some of the world most successful and demanding global applications such as SnapChat and Khan Academy. We also cover Google Compute Engine which allows everyone to Run large-scale computing workloads on Linux virtual machines hosted on Google’s infrastructure. I’ve spoke about Google Cloud Endpoint and you can watch the full talk on my project’s site.

Ido talking in the campus on cloud

This is the raw recording form the event of all three talks. I hope to have an edited version soon…


Psst… For the next Cloud meetup – Please sign for IGTCloud group.

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HTML5 APIs To Use Today On Google Developers Live Israel

Last week, I meet with few startups to talk about their web apps. After few basic questions like: how do I save data on the client without cookies? or something like: “Can I get a video input from the browser?” I thought it might be a good idea to touch on some of the APIs that are out there today in most browsers and developers can use. The best part is that in most cases, you can start using these APIs with very little code. In this demo page  you can hack around some basic HTML5 features and see the code snippets that will let you do some cool things like: save information locally (local storage for the rescue here), Geo location, device orientration, Getting Video/Audio (with WebRTC), Visibility API etc’.

The slides from my #DevConTLV Talk

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HTML5 APIs – Hangout With O’Reilly

Web Workers BookToday I did a hangout on air with O’Reilly. It was a good opportunity to dive into some of the aspects of modern web application and check what are the main things we wish to think about when we design, build and ship our apps. Modern web apps are rich, interactive applications.

I tried to cover the following:

  • Defining the modern web app
  • Designing a modern web app
  • HTML5 Power tools/APIs
  • Tips & best practices on DevTools and Google Cloud Endpoints.

The slides 

My book on Web Workers.

And you can watch the video recording of the talk:

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Google I/O 2013 – Mobile, Web and Cloud – The Triple Crown of Modern Applications

app_engine-256Can we had a better title for our talk? I’m not sure… But the description was along the lines of “…Ready to rock the world with your next application? Odds are you are thinking about mobile, web and the cloud.” So far… so good.

In this session we talked about building a modern mobile web application that takes advantage of the Google Cloud Platform. We touch on the powerful combination of the “mobile web AND the cloud” and in the process we tried to show the power of Google cloud endpoints and modern HTML5 apis. We built a fun little mobile web app “Pictureque” that give you the options to take photos (even on airplanes) and then share them with the world. Continue reading