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OLPC (or in english – One Laptop per Child)

Each time I see/hear Nicholas Negroponte or see OLPC project in action (last episode of Entourage) – I feel existed about this amazing project.

Here are few things that you (yes – you!) as a developer can do in order to help this great effort:

  • Buy one. Ahh… buy at least 2 – so you could give one for a child and save her life and the other so you could develop software and test it for real.
  • Become a translator – OLPC currently deploys in 19 local languages, and the OLPC translation community is working on over 90 more.
  • Provide support – Sometimes kids and adults need a little extra help with their laptop. They want to know how to install a new program, or fix a problem. We have a very dedicated team of volunteers that assist users with problems. Not much technical experience is necessary.
  • Develop software – New games and programs are always needed. If you would like to help develop software for the XO, see the Developer’s Resources.

Here is a very good/short video that explain the mission.


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