Apple’s new Tablet or the big iPhone

apple's new tablet

Let’s be honest, the iPhone is an amazing device but you won’t say that its killer feature is the phone. I guess that apple, very inelegantly, understood that they now have everything in place to lunch the tablet and to make it a hit. Unlike microsoft that wanted to do it 6-7 years ago without any support to their vision, Apple now ‘have everything’ in terms of:

  • Business model with framework to support it. The iTune and then App Store give apple huge advantage (or you can look at that as very high entry barrier to all the other players in the game like: Microsoft, Dell, HP) when it comes to how people will consume software (who said games? movies? songs?) on such a tool. It’s all in motion and in place. Everyone today (I mean, all the ones that have iPod), know that you can lunch the iTune and there you can get all your: movies, Tv shows, Songs and now even free applications (again who said games? Farm Vil…). It’s easy and it’s working plus, it looks great.
  • The iPhone and it’s ‘know how’ will give apple very important knowladge on how to build this tablet to be useful. Keyboard usage… and other patents will play into their hands so this device won’t be like their 90′ Newton (Yes – I had one :).

I’m not an expert in hardware companies, but it seems that apple as a company (and as a stock) going to do very very well after this tablet will ‘get’ the high end market of ‘netbooks’. Just like Apple is doing with its laptop and their 90% share in the segment of expensive (=more then 1000$) laptop.

Kudos to Steve and his gang.


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