PHP is now faster then Java (almost)

It was great to read this blog post Facebook HipHop for PHP. I always like to see big companies like: Yahoo, Google, Facebook etc’ contributing back to the open source community. It seems ‘only’ fair to do it after you leverage open source product in order to build business that worth billions. After read it, I found one big mistake in the middle of the post:
“…This is compared to more traditional compiled languages like C++ and interpreted languages like Java.”

C’mon guys, I guess you wanted to write java script and not Java. Any way, it’s very good new approch that will help us (and lot of other) to improve their hardware usage.
As for Java – it’s still much faster then PHP and other languages. But like in other cases, if you take into consideration that TCO (Total cost of ownership) it’s much better to use languages like PHP, Python, Perl for web development due to the freedom they give you to make lots of changes quickly.

Thank you FB.


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