The Web Is Shifting

Here is another lighting talk I’ve planed to this year Java Posse Roundup. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to give it. So in order to share it with some girls that might find it interesting – Here you go:

The web is becoming more sociable than searchable, research firm Hitwise said that the two sites accounted for 14 per cent of all US internet visits last week. Facebook’s home page recorded 7.07 per cent of traffic and Google’s 7.03 per cent. You may  read more about the fact that Facebook got more unique users in the USA then Google all last week… so it’s clearly the direction that the web is moving. I only wonder, what are people doing all this time on Facebook.

Facebook is like a Starbucks (You know… friends don’t let they friend drink there) where everyone hangs out for hours but almost never buys anything. The revenue gap between sites like Facebook and Google should narrow over time.  Cost-per-click search ads are extremely good at harvesting intent, but bad at generating intent.


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