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jQuery 101 – Quick Good Presention with Examples

I saw this one few days ago… very cool pretension that will give you the power of jQuery in less then 5min.

Like the best things out there. Their power is lay in a simple philosophy they are based on. In jQuery case:

1. Find some DOM elements. For example: $(“p”)

2. Do something with them. For example: $(“#myDiv”).html(“<h2>Yo yo – this is very impressive bike</h2>”);

The power is the simplicity and the way you can chain functions. Example: $(“#myDiv”).html(“foo bar!”).fadeIn(slow); <– yes, this will make the addition fading into the screen in a nice slow animation. Try to think how many lines of JavaScript you need for that. There are lots of other goodies in the pretension – so give it a ride.

Last but not least (for every developer, designer and well… human) – coffee. I know some will say Starbucks is NOT coffee. But nevertheless, this ‘poem’ on the cup got my attention. As we know, it’s not about YOU…

You and starbucks


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