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Chrome Extentions – IMHO, Very Cool Technology

Last week we had our 2nd FedEx day here at High Gear Media HQ (yes – we like to think big like Google, Yahoo and Atlassian). So we gave our developers lots of good pitza (tradition is tradition!) and some choose to hack on a new iPad application that we are going to ship soon. Some others, choose to check out the new Chrome App Store (or in its current status – chrome extension).

It was an excellent 24h and I hope we will have the video soon on youTube.

Here is the first chrome extension that took me less then one hour! It’s very cool that Google choose to take all the skills that any web developer will have (HTML, CSS, JS) and build their concept around it. When you take the new goodies that HTML5 is giving you (check this html5rocks for all the amazing capabilities) and you think that this new app store will be the way to users to install applications on their chrome OS ‘iPads’ – you start to see the huge potential.

Here is the 2nd extension that let you set your own car and get news/recall alerts on it. Cool, no?

We have some more ideas and with local storage, Geo location and other great HTML5 features we will ship some more extensions to the table. Our new APIs let us build these applications very quickly. I hope that we will be able to open most of them to the public so others could build on top of them. For now, if you feel like hacking on the best automitive API that is out there… try:

Something like: – to get all the ‘sport’ information that we produce. Or if you own one.
Of course you can change the ‘prius’ with any make-model that you own and still get all the content for that. If you are into ‘Green’ and want to check what is the new progress with specific model you can use:,green

All these will bring you feeds (ATOM) that you can consume easily. Enjoy.

What is FedEx day?

This is our version of Google 20% time to work on ‘cool/new’ stuff.

The Goal
We are coming to the office early on FedEx day and ship something over one day of work, hence Fedex Day – “We deliver”.

The Rules

  • From 8.30 to 9 we brainstorm everyone’s ideas of what could be done, and developers sign up for tasks.
    This can be around a ‘theme’ or a bigger idea/project we want to push.
  • Developers can either work alone or in pairs.
  • The development task must be something “out of the ordinary”. This is hard to define – but basically the spirit is that you can’t do something you would normally do. It’s a chance to attack all those “I wonder if XYZ would work… “, “It would be nice if we could… ” small development tasks that always get pushed off in the heat of battle.
  • The development task must be deliverable in one day. This doesn’t mean it has to be finished, polished and shipped (although it’s awesome if we can get there), but it can’t be an “open engine”. It must do something and work to some extent. It must show enough promise that we should continue working on it, or can it.
  • Pizzas/Drinks are ordered in, support is handled in advance and all other assigned tasks are obviated for the day so that developers have nothing to do but code.
  • At about 5.30, we’ll meet up for a “show off” meeting where developers get to show off what they’ve done, combined with chocolate cake and beer.

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