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Agile – Getting Things Done and How TODO Stuff

Taking the right turns in your project

Taking the right turns in your project

Some good points from the last 3 years:

  • Describe the project in:
    A. The shortest way you can.
    B. The clearer way you are able.
  • Assign accountabilities – this is critical for the success so put time and effort behind this task. Ask yourself if the people you are putting accountable could deliver what you wish them in the quality/time you want it to be.
  • Document your fears – this list is something you want to check from time to time during the sprints (or short mile stones you put yourself).
  • Find shortcuts/edges – the only way to move like a ‘speed boat’ is to find these little ‘shortcuts’ that give you good tail wind.
  • Describe where you want to be in an ideal world when the project ends.  Then you should:
    A. Quantify `good enough’ – and make it clear when to ship it in that stage (you can/should always improve it in the next versions).
    B. Make it less – in lots of cases less is more and you want to remove stuff! It’s hard – but it will make your project better.
  • Thrash early – IF it seems you are moving (fast) in the wrong direction. This one is easy to say and very hard to do… so be AWARE.
  • Put ‘fire’ in all the people that contributing to the project. This wind tail will make the difference in the end of hard coding night.
  • Try to have fun along the way. It’s very important to enjoy the ride (if you can).

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