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The Bay Trails Marathon (yes – lots of rain!)

Have you ever run for more then an hour in heavy rain? Well, it is an ‘experience’… I had it several times in life (mostly 20 years ago). It’s not an easy as it sounds, but if it is not too cold, you can even enjoy it.

I had just landed after 34 hours flights from the other side of the world (ya… the holy land). It wasn’t the best way to start a long run, but that’s life. After the first mile, I felt good so I’ve push and the first 6miles where in less then 40min (too fast for me). In that point of the race, I thought it’s going to be an easy sub 1:30 half… however, the body and specially the legs thought they need more rest, and then next 6.1mile where slower and slower up to 7:28 per mile. I’ve finished around 1:40. Well, you better start in a pace you can keep… and try not after long flights.

Here is the start – you can see my number 265.

265 it's me :)

Before the start of the race… last check that the iPod is working

Rain or Shine

This is the look of the trails when the sky gave us 10-15min of break between the rains…

Here are more photos from the event.
Here is a good post that cover the event.


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