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New Features In High Gear Media API

Here is some improvements we have put in our API to make it (even) better to developers.
After How To Work With High Gear Media RSS Feed In (less then) 4 Minutes
and How To Deal With High Gear Media API Using XPath

Here are some new parameters that will make your (=the developer) life happier and healthier.
We have a new ways to output the data or in other words more control on the output format.


the feed format, can be JSON or XML.

1. is the same as , because xml is the default value.
2. <– This is the better way to work with our feeds, specially, if you are hacking some new cool web2.0 mash up.

Other API parameters


You have full control on the sites that you wish to fetch information from. Here is a list of all the sites.

1. <– All HighGearMedia content
2. <– get feeds from


Comma separated list of tag names to filter the content by.



Size code for images in the feed (t/s/m/l/h)

  • t – thumbnail (default). Unless you are building some new iPad app, this is the best way to have it.
  • s – small
  • m – medium – on iPad or Chrome you might want to use this size or even ‘large’.
  • l – large
  • h – huge

1. is the same as, because ‘t’ is the default value


name of the car :_(optional)_(optional)

1. (__)
2. (_)
3. ()

How NOT to do it: _


type of content items, can be reviews/blog/all (default is ‘all’).

3. is the same as, because ‘all’ is the default value.

Please let me know if you wish to see more/other options.

Happy new 2011

Happy new year!!


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