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Top 100 Things to Watch For During 2011

I like:

  • Beer Sommeliers – is beer going to be the new ‘wine’?
  • Car Apps – It’s true that more and more the automotive market is building it self on software (e.g. Tesla).
  • We see 3D printing again and again from the early 1990 – no, I don’t think we will see it during 2011 (outside MIT and Stanford Labs).
  • Kids eBooks – I know it from my two kids… this is going to be big.
  • Green cars – mainly for rich people.
  • QR codes – will they become more popular then ‘just’ Android download?
  • Space Travel – I hope to see it during this year, so in 10-15 years the price will be affordable to many more people.
  • iPad for Kids… well just look here:

My Kids and Apple

  • Personal Taste Graph – Hunch is the leader now… will be very interesting to see more in that direction.

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