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The All New TheCarConnection (Looks Great On iPad2)

We’ve  launched today (after 3 weeks of beta testing for selective users). It was after few months of thinking, listening, designing and building a completely new set of make-model pages that we believe bring you the best automotive experience you can find on the web.We made sure it will be optimize to tablets (e.g. iPad or if you like the iPad2) and all the leading browsers.

Unlike all the other ‘car sites’ – we are bring you all the information from around the web into one place. This way, it’s not only our editors opinion that you get (and might like or not) – but also a wide range of other leading sources/editors and opinions. It is a great tool to get all the best information on each car in one (very nice) place. Your savvy editors not only driving the cars but doing the extra mile and doing the ‘leg work’ for you by bring you the ‘bottom line’ review with all the thoughts about this specific car.

For example, if you are into the new F-150, you can get our ‘Ford F150 2011 executive summary review‘ or read more deeply on all the different aspects of this new model. Want to check out what Edmund/Kbb/Cars are thinking? no worries – just go to our ‘web buzz’ and get all the reviews (more then 300), Q&A (more then 2000!) and tweets.

Here are some examples of the new car reviews:

If you want to know what is the a good price or even great price for the new Volt. You have it in our very cool graphs.

It’s a great tool to use and come prepare for your visit in the dealership 😉

For all the ones that want to buy a used car – we have more then 4,500,000 used car listings, so you could find something in the right area,color,look and feel.

Last but not least, if you got a question or you want to share your knowledge. Check out the new ‘stack-overflow’ for cars. As always, comments are most welcome! Feel free to use our official TCC twitter.


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