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What Car Should I Buy? (Leveraging Hunch API and High Gear Media API)

Last weekend, when the kids were sleeping, I had a bit of time to try out Hunch API. I must say, it’s very cool/powerful API with good documentation. It goes without saying, that I wanted to check what will be a good use-case to our High Gear Media API. After checking around general stuff, I came up with this simple mobile app (ya – it’s work great on iPhone, Android, BB and even Palm). The application is asking you to type your twitter account and base on this account it gives you personalized, recommendations for cars that fit you best. It combine the power of Hunch with the vast automotive content of High Gear Media.

For best results, you should sign in to hunch with your twitter account and answer some questions. Then, once hunch built your taste graph this application will show your very ‘accurate’ results.

If you have an Adriod phone – you can install this application from this link:

You might want to try some other famous twitter accounts and see what is their best cars.

Drive safely and stay thirsty.


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