Some Interesting APIs

In the past few months, we (=HighGearMedia.com) have been thinking a lot about mobile and APIs. It’s no secret that the mobile spaces is growing very fast. In fact, we think more and more users will consume most of their ‘web’ using their mobile devices in the (near) future. On top of the ‘mobile movement’ we want to create creative mash-ups that harness other features in order to build new cool tools. Here is a list of APIs I would like to keep an eye on:

Any other good/great APIs I’ve missed here?
This week there are lots of update about Google APIs,  watch what is going on tomorrow LIVE at Google I/O (lots of great APIs)

last but not least, there are these 2 frameworks  that any one that is going to take seriously her mobile front should keep a close eye on:

  1. http://jquerymobile.com – this is probably the best framework today to build modern mobile apps that will work on lots of phones (iOS, Andriod, PalmOS and even Windows).
  2. http://www.phonegap.com – the framework that let you take your JS,CSS,HTML5 and compile from them a native application.


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