TextMate Best Bundles (That I’ve Found)

This is a must have bundle to any developer that start using TextMate:  https://github.com/jezdez/textmate-missingdrawer/

It will give you the ‘power’ of the IDE you like to live in… (well, more or less not 100%). You can get it and install it in this one line:
curl -L https://github.com/downloads/jezdez/textmate-missingdrawer/MissingDrawer_2010-11-28.zip | tar -xf - && open MissingDrawer.tmplugin

Some more good bundles to start with are:

  • HAML & SASS Bundles – These are perhaps the most common bundles to be installed. If you work in HAML & SASS you’ll want these badly.
  • GIT Bundle – If you use GIT for your version control, then this is a bundle you can’t be without. It allows you to manage your repository from within TextMate, do blame checks and much more. There’s also an SVN Bundle if that’s more your thing.
  • CSS & HTML Bundles – Although TextMate comes with some of it’s own, you’re going to want to grab the ones from Minimal Design. They add fantastic tab triggers to virtually eliminate most typing.
  • jQuery Bundle – A great bundle for working with jQuery. Features tab triggers for many functions and some pretty good syntax highlighting.
  • WakaTime – A plugin to quantify your coding with automatic time tracking. I’ve not tested it myself but it’s looking useful for developers that wish to learn from each project and gain stats.


  • ^D – Duplicate Line/Selection (just like yy in VIM).
  • ⌘T – Go to File – This shortcut is truly second to none. Instead of trawling through your project drawer or going through the folders in your finder, use this to quickly jump straight to any file you wish to be in.
  • ⇧⌘T – Go to Symbol – This works in the same way as Go to File but for within a specific file. Trying to find a set method or a global variable? Look no further good sir, this is what you need. Especially useful for when you’re working with a massive user model!
  • ⌘L – Go to Line – If you’re debugging a stack trace, you’ll want to remember this one. Jump to an exact point within a file to squash that nasty bug!
  • ⇧⌘L – Select Line – Select the entire line of code you’re working on. Chances are you may want to follow it up with…
  • ⌃⌘ + ARROW – Move Code – Move the selected code around the file, helps when doing some refactoring of that nasty functional code.
  • ⇧⌃⌥V – Send selected to Pastie – This one is pretty unknown but handy. Send the selected code over to Pastie with a private URL for sharing the code – great when you need some feedback from a fellow developer.
  • ⌃S – Simple Search – Most folks know about ⌘F as it’s the same in most applications. However in TextMate it loads up an additional window for find and replace which isn’t always what you want. This shortcut allows you to do a quick search in the current file iteratively.
  • ⌘] and ⌘[ – Block indentation – Indenting manually can be a pain – use these functions to indent blocks of code quickly and easily.
  • ⇧⌃T – To-do list – This feature scans the project for code marked as ‘FIXME’, ‘TODO’ and ‘CHANGED’. It provides an informative list of them along with comments.

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