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How To Publish Your Web App To Chrome Web Store

If you wish to develop an application (or should I say, a web app) or may be, you have a web app and you just didn’t think about the Chrome store as a distribution channel… Here are few places you might want to read. You will not believe how fast and easy is to put your web app in the store. The first place to check will be the ‘Chrom Web Store – Getting started Guide‘. The second place you will want to check is the option to have Hosted Apps. If you in the arena of ‘Angry birds’ – check out the new option to have Packaged Apps. Last but not least, it is always important to have an amazing ‘first impression’ on your users (and girls/boys in pubs) – so check out the best practices on your web app’s banners/images.

* Tip – a useful read is the ‘Debugging‘  it will introduces you to using Google Chrome’s built-in Developer Tools to interactively debug you web app (and/or your extension).


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