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ChromeBook – Tips And Tricks

Customize It

  • First enable the sync option so you will get your passwords, bookmarks (and in the future) themes everywhere. You can do it from chrome://settings/personal and click on Sync.
  • Enable Tap to click – Go to: chrome://settings/system. Then click on the checkbox to set ‘tab as click’ – done.
  • Extension that give you shortcuts to all the ‘flags’ and settings – I’ve wrote it because I wanted to have all the shortcuts in one place… it’s very productive to have them in one click.
  • SSH client – Ctrl+Alt+t
  • Open an ssh connection to the given host Y as user X.
  • The parameter is optional and defaults to 22.
  • Log out – Ctrl+Shift+q
  • Lock screen – Ctrl+Alt+l (=L)
  • Shortcut keys
  • Press F8, then press Ctrl, Shift, Alt (once a key), press F8 again to exit

Better Browsing

  • Create a tab – Ctrl+T or click the ‘+’ on top of the window.
  • Create a new window – Ctrl+n
  • Create a new incognito window – Ctrl+Shift+n
  • Refresh current tab – Ctrl+r
  • The (one and only) File Manager – Ctrl+m  (On chromebook you got almost 16G of SSD).
  • Switch between different windows – Alt+Tab or press F12 and then use arrow key
  • Change Channel To Beta or Dev Version – Only if you are geeky enough to live on the bleeding edge, visit chrome://settings/about and click on “more info” to change channel.

For the ones that don’t know what is chromebook


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