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ChromeOS on TWIG (This Week In Google) Podcast

Yesterday, I had the honor and real pleasure to be on and talk with ‘Podcaster, broadcaster, Chief TWiT and The Tech Guy’ Mr. Leo Laporte and his gang…

They weren’t part of the ‘fun boys’ of chromebook which made this opportunity even bigger. After all, you don’t want to convince people that are already on your side, right? Well, I know some people that like to talk just with others that agree with them… but I’ll leave this for another post.

We spoke about a range of subjects related to Chrome, ChromeOS and HTML5. Here are some of the things we touched:

  • Why the world need chromeOS?
    For people who spend practically all of their time on a computer using a browser, the time and hassle of maintaining their computers – virus scanning, upgrading applications, removing malicious software, synchronizing and backing up files on multiple computers – can be time-consuming (to say the least), error-prone, and expensive. Chrome OS was designed to bring people the full power and richness of Chrome and the web, in a device that’s simple, secure and easy to use.
  • What is ChromeOS?
    ChromeOS is an open source operating system project for people who spend most of their time on the web. Chrome is designed and built around Google core tents of speed, simplicity and security. Here is a short video that explain it under 3min.
  • Will there be a chromeOS tablet soon?
    ChromeOS was designed from day one to work across a variety of devices. Since it’s an open source project I won’t be surprise, to see partners build different kinds of devices based on chromeOS.
  • Why I don’t have offline apps today on my chromebook?
    Well… you do! Take for example: Angry birds, New York times, GoodFood, 3DTinSparkChess and many others. I have a feeling, that in the near future, more developers, startups and big companies will start using HTML5 offline features combined with client side storage. This will give users better experience when they have limited connectivity or no connectivity.
  • Where is chromebook going to make a difference?
    IMHO it’s going to be in verticals like: enterprise and education. Why? because it make something very unique: both the software and the hardware are going to improve over time! It’s something that will save lots of money to organizations and will let them focus on their core.

I’ve portably, miss some of the points… so if you care about ChromeOS and the web, feel free to watch the video or download the audio of this show or get both the options at:


Last but not least, I would like to thank TWIG crew for having me. It’s was fun! and I do hope people will start looking at this new platform from the right angles. The web (from it’s early days) came again and again with amazing innovations. ChromeOS give the web to users – For a lot of people, you need nothing more.


One thought on “ChromeOS on TWIG (This Week In Google) Podcast

  1. Keith Perry says:

    I live in Los Angeles, and I am very much interested in using Chromebook in my Medical practice, however it has been literally impossible to find a store or outlet that has Chromebooks to do a test drive on. Could you tell me where in Los Angeles area where one can demo a Chromebook?

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