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HTML5 Live London Conference – Q&A On #html5live

This is a short set of questions and answers that I gave few days ago to the orgenizers of HTML5 Live London.

Q. Tell us a little about what you will be talking about at HTML5 Live

I’ll be talking about some of the new features that HTML5 harness enterprises. From simple and more readable markup up to offline capabilities and how they cut expenses and improve the user experience. The second part of the talk will focus on ChromeOS and its wide support of HTML5 and other APIs.

Q. What will people who attend your talk learn?

People who attend the talk could learn about some of the HTML5 features that are useful in the business world. They will see what are the pitfalls and how to avoid them. Last but not least, we will scan tools and resources that boost productivity.

Q. What will they take away that they can apply right away?

We will give lots of examples that can be implied right away in their current apps. Moreover, some of the tools/resources and tips are low hanging fruits that could be used ‘imidatly’ after the talk.

Q. In your opinion, why should people attend HTML5 Live?

I think any web developer that wish to keep herself with the cutting edge of technology should attend HTML5 Live. IMHO, it’s always a pleasure to meet lots of smart people that are passion about the web, open source and building cool stuff.

Q. Why is HTML5 exciting for web developers? architects?

HTML5 is harnessing architects and web developers with tools to create modern web apps. If we take a step back and try to define a ‘modren web app’ we will see that it’s the sum of ‘The Power Of The Cloud’ + ‘Desktop Richness’. I believe that the future of many desktop applications is going to be in a form of a web app due to all the benefits you gain from a web app (e.g. No installations, always with the latest and greatest version, amazing UI/UX etc’).

As you can see from the tone of the answers, I’m looking forward to this conference and to meet (again) with so many great developers that are pushing the web forward.
Thank you for the opportunity to come and present in this cool event.


Last but not least, registration is still open, and if you use my priority code gree25 when you register you will receive a discount.

I hope to see you there.


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