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Chrome And Angry Birds

If you haven’t checked Angry Bird on Chrome  – you should 🙂 some nice special levels that are unique to Chrome. Moreover, this web app is working offline amazingly well… so you could use it over a long flight just like you playing on your mobile phone.

This is another (new – new) classic one:


and for the hard-core Angry birds lovers – here is a new AB theme we’ve built to keep you happy on each new tab you open.

Have a great week.

Psss…. you can get the theme that is ‘just right’ for your screen:

  • Resolution 1024×768 – (If you are on a Netbook or any other small display – go for it)
  • Resolution 1680×1050 – (Prefect to  Buy MacBook Pro)
  • Resolution 1920×1080 – (Best for your office/home large screen)

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