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HTML5 Live London – Trip Report

The conference took place on Oct, 19 2011 in the Barbican Conference Centre London. My two goals where to expose enterprise web developer to the new features that HTML5 provide today and to show them how they can leverage these features when they are building enterprises web apps. The other part was to talk with CIO/CTOs about Chrome OS and to ‘bind the dots’ on: how chrome OS harnessing business and developers with more power. Overall, it was a great event in terms of the quality of the audience. Lots of enterprise web developers from financial institution, health care and other big organizations. Some of them are still struggling with IE and the Chrome Frame was a big exciting news for them. Other points I’ve took with me:

  • The Chromebooks were a big hit – everyone love them! I got lots of questions and the major points where around:

    • Security

    • Total cost of ownership (70% reduction)

    • Battery life (8.5h)

  • In the future, I should bring few Chromebook and have a table in the main show so people could ‘play’ with them between sessions.

Here are some of the presentations from the event:

Lastly, I would like to thank the amazing crew of Kaazing – They organized a great event with lots of interesting talks.

I hope to see you there next year…

Be strong.



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