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I got few questions last week on #GDDDE (=Google Developers Day 2011 and #GDD11 which is the popular hash tag both in G+ and Twitter for these events) about in Chromebook. Here is a summary of the answers.

Few things you might didn’t know about in ChromeOS:

  • will open a new tab if the window size > 50% of the width or 60% of the height of the window. So it will be a bit different in Samsung and Acer due to the different screen sizes.
  • An app / extension can use the chrome.window API to call which takes a “type” parameter which will always be obeyed. (Panel windows will be constrained to 80% of the screen width and height). Let’s have a look on how to use it.

First, let the browser ‘know’ what type of window you wish to have use this: createData, function callback) 

Creates (opens) a new browser with any optional sizing, position or default URL provided. You should use ‘type’ as part of the ‘createData’.

 type - ["normal", "popup", "panel"]  
This is the source of true about the window object API. Be strong.

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