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CloudCon – Summary

First you might ask, what is CloudCon?
Well, this is what the organizers are saying: “…At the convention we will focus on the new possibilities opening before IT managers with the move to cloud computing services, listen to the new offers made by leading software providers and learn the ways of the cloud as presented by analysts, experienced infrastructure managers, developers, IT managers and other cloud experts.”
My main objective was to expose CIO/CTOs to ChromeOS, CWS and to educate them about the new capabilities that HTML5 is harnessing their IT departments. I also wanted to show IT Admins how easy and cost effective is to deploy Chromebooks in their organizations. Overall, there were 400+ attendees and among the invitees: IT managers, R&D Managers of Israeli ISV’s, Security Managers, infrastructure managers, storage managers and other IT pros.
This was my session “HTML5 & ChromeOS” and in case you miss the presentation.

This is a short summary from the organizers:
and for the ones that can read hebrew… here is another one:


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