How To Share Files/Photos From Chromebook

There are cases where you need to upload some photos from your Chromebook. Let’s take the classic case of a disk-on-key a friend just gave you and ask you to upload it to your Dropbox so you, him and all your friends can share this mountain bike trip photos (= true story). In other cases, it might be that you are on vacation and after 1275 photos you finally came to the conclusion, it make sense, to update your family and friends at home. You take the SD and insert it to the Chromebook (yes – we do have a slot for that). But how can you upload it? What are the best tool to share it?

Here are few good solutions:

  1. Flickr, Picasa and other photo sharing sites just got their web version of uploading photos – so that is the easy case.
  2. Google Docs – you can upload files and then share them with friends… It’s also works great with directories.
  3. We have some good extensions that works great on Chromebook.
    1. Cloud Save – add some right click functionality that will let you upload any image/file you click on,  to your favorite cloud storage: Dropbox, flickr,, Google Docs, Picasa, Facebook and more). It also got another extension that bind it with a nice integration to the file manager that we have on Chromebook – CrOS Save. This will let you choose files from the file manager and then to have a new button on the right side-bar that let you upload these files with one click.
    2. SMEStorage Cloud Dashboard – if you are using something from their services.
    3. Large Document – If you need to share BIG files. This is a secure file transfer and sharing service that does not require any login information. You can transfer files as large as 2 gigabytes in size and can store up to 15 gigabytes of data for up to 180 days for free.
  4. If you are ‘old school’ and you wish to use FTP – just be careful when inserting user/password to ANY 3rd party site.

Know any other good tool I’m missing here? Please let me know…


4 thoughts on “How To Share Files/Photos From Chromebook

  1. John Brewer says:

    I cannot post a photo on Facebook using my Acer Chromebook, with the photo in Google Drive. I get an alert that “oooops, there was a problem.” Have no problem whatsoever using my MacBook (it takes less than a second). Does Facebook not allow photos to be filed from a Chromebook? Do you use Facebook, too? How do you add photos to your postings from a Chromebook? This problem is driving me crazy. MANY THANKS FOR ANY HELP YOU CAN GIVE ME!

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