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3D Art, Mobile And A New Tutorial On Web Databases

Why mobile native apps must die

This is a very interesting talk by Scott Jenson. He speaking about the ‘anti phone’ and why  a phone that is based on a browser will be very useful (to say the least). From his talk description: “…Mobile apps are on a clear trajectory for failure. It’s just not possible to have an app for every device in my house, every product I own and every store I enter. Much like Yahoos original hierarchy gave way to Google’s search, applications have to give away to a “just in time” approach to applications. This talk will explain how applications must give way to a more universal approach to application distribution, one based on the mobile web and cloud services. The problem of course, is that the mobile web has both hands tied behind its back. Any mobile app today is locked away behind a browser ghetto: in effect, a sub OS inside a larger mobile OS. This isn’t just an arbitrary technology debate, a just-in-time approach to application functionality can unleash entirely new sets of application, ones which are impossible with native apps. This talk will layout how this problem can be fixed, and what changes need to take place, outside of just HTML5, for it to happen.”

Migrating your WebSQL DB to IndexedDB

Lastly for this post, as WebSQL is deprecated, I recommend web developers to stop using the technology in new projects, as, effectively, the spec will receive no new updates and browser vendors aren’t encouraged to support this technology. The replacement is IndexedDB. As a ‘NoSQL’ database, IndexedDB is very different from relational databases, and it give us lots of power. IndexedDB let us create an Object Store for a type of data and simply persist Javascript Objects to that store. Each Object Store can have a collection of Indexes that make it efficient to query and iterate across. In this tutorial I’ve showed how you can convert the current usage of WebSQL and start leverage IndexedDB.

And let’s finish with some art…

3D Art + Com


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