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HTML5 Training Day (Mountain View) – Summary

Well, in the past month I was busy organizing this HTML5 Training Day for business web developers. You may want to stop and ask:
What Is HTML5 Training Day? So, our main goal is to have an open conversation with business web developers and to provide them with tools and knowledge to implement HTML5 features into their web apps. In this one day event, world-class experts talk about tools, tips and best practices in web development with focus on business.

It was a lot of fun and last week, we had in Google more then 24 companies that came to learn about the latest and greatest in the open web technologies.

We started the day with a short presentation that I gave on ‘The State of ChromeOS’. It’s amazing to see how fast is the pace and I suspect we are going to have a great 2012. After that (and two more cups of coffee) we got Pete LaPege (an excellent speaker, if I may) talking about: “HTML5 and new breed of web application” which aim to cover what defines a great Web App and show you how you can use HTML5 to create a new breed of web application that will delight and amaze your users.

Another cup of java and another web ninja: Mr. Eric Bidelman gave great talk with lots of demo on the ‘bleeding edge features in Chrome and the open web platform“.
and some HTML5 offline features. 

For the developers who wish to do ‘mobile first’ – we had a surprise from the snow country. Mr. Boris Smus (that build web stuff that make you – wow! for real) talking about A mobile web app technology stack. Here in his own words: “…Learn what it takes to build modern mobile web apps. We will start with the ideas of “adaptive apps” and “offline first”. Next, we’ll dive into some of the technologies, including MVC frameworks, templating engines, CSS frameworks, laying out views and multi-touch input. Finally, we’ll close off with mobile-specific tips and sweet demos.”

After Boris we had the pleasure to host David Kaneda (for the few that don’t know, David Kaneda is a creative web technologist. He created jQTouch, a jQuery plugin for mobile web development, and Outpost, the original iPhone app for Basecamp.) David gave another great talk on “Abstracting CSS for Complex Theming Systems.”

In the afternoon, Mr. Seth Ladd (The Michael Jordan of Dart) spoke about Dart and how it is a comprehensive effort to help app developers build complex, full featured, high fidelity apps for the modern web. He gave some nice short demos that showed the language, libraries, and editor of Dart.

Last but not least, Mr. Christos Apartoglou (The Chrome Web Store Chief) spoke about  Success stories in CWS. He talked about some bold success stories and showed what makes apps in the Chrome Web Store successful.

You can see the format of the day with the full descriptions of the talks over the public schedule that we kept for that day. It was a good tool to have a back channel (using the chat feature on the document) and to allow everyone to keep updated with the last minute changes. I hope to have some videos from that day public… I will post them here and on my G+ page.

See you all in our next Training day.


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