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How To Get Your Web App Into The Chrome Web Store

It use to be very easy to upload your web app to the Chrome web store. This short and simple tutorial showed you the main steps. However, things are now (even) simpler. All you need to do it to open Appmator web app. This online tool will help you put your web app into the Chrome Web Store in minutes (less then 10 in most of the cases and that include making coffee in the last 3 minutes).

Here are the main steps you should follow:

  1. Go to Appmator web app.
  2. Add you web app url to the main line. We’ll it’s the only line there – so you can’t go wrong.
  3. Add some amazing graphics. Seriously, your icons and images should be really good. It makes all the difference in the world to have assets that show the user how attractive your web app is looking. You can check at the bottom of the post for some examples on the small image graphics and at the top on some larger image. A good example of a web app that take this point is Gojee.
  4. Download the zip file.
  5. Go to the Chrome developer dashboard section and upload your web app. An important tip is to make sure the detailed description includes the terms your users are likely to search for. You might want to check out listings for similar apps to get ideas for how you should present your app.
  6. Go have a drink.

Btw, if you already have a web app (or extension) in the Chrome Web Store – you might want to take a look at this good tutorial that my friend Sam Dutton wrote on ‘how to update your assets’.


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