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How To Be Better At What You Do?

Shawn Achor is spreading few ideas in this excellent TED talk. I like the debate on what to do on Friday night… He got some good real-life jokes in it. There are other thoughts that come to mind once you see these 12min. Some of the facts that he mention are very true. You see it time and time again. People are living in a dream but don’t appreciate it, nor realize HOW good their life are. There is always another mountain/project/challenge that they wish to achieve in order to be happy.

If you combine Mr. Achor with some of the thoughts from Dan Gilbert and “Why are we happy?” It seems clear that we do have some sort of “psychological immune system” and if we will know to control it better – life will be more productive and pleasant.

BTW, I don’t agree with Mr. Gilbert findings, but unlike him I can’t proof it. I guess it’s time for me to change ‘Be strong’ to something like: ‘Be strong and happy’.


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