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HTML5 Training Day (Tel Aviv)

Lets start from the end… It was a great experiance to meet wonerful, smart (web) developers both in London and Tel Aviv. We had 80+ developers in the London event and 130+ developers in Tel Aviv. Like any good event – we started with a good cup of HTML5 coffee and some special HTML5 cake.

After the coffee and some food we got to the ‘talking’ part which went very well. In London we had the pleasure to have Alex Russell who spoke about Chrome Frame (link to his great presentation is in the bottom of this post). In Tel Aviv day we had two external experts: Nimrod Luria and Ron Reiter. Nimrod gave a talk about HTML5 security issues and how to use the best parctices in order to avoid them. Few examples where:

  •  Hacking Facebook with HTML5 using Cross-Origin Resource Sharing.
  • Web sockets (open ports that listen to in bound connections)
  • Good old ‘data cleaning’ and data validation.
  • Client side injections to local databases.
  • XSS by using encoding and new formats that are supported.

Ron gave a talk about backbone.js and how to leverage some frameworks and tools in order to build moden mobile web apps.

Here are the talks (with their slides) from both days:

Time Session Title Description
10:00-11:00 HTML5 and new breed of web application Web developers have nearly perfected their skill at building great web sites, but everything is shifting towards building apps.  We’ll take a look at what defines a great Web App and show you how you can use HTML5 to create a new breed of web application that will delight and amaze your users. Ido Green
11:00-11:55 Platform, Storage, Prediction, Translation and more Google Cloud Platform latest and greatest Barak Regev
13:00-14:00 mobile web app HTML5 stack A -For modern mobile browsers Learn what it takes to build modern mobile web apps. We will start with the ideas of “adaptive apps” and “offline first”. Next, we’ll dive into some of the technologies, including MVC frameworks, templating engines, CSS frameworks, laying out views and multi-touch input. Finally, we’ll close off with mobile-specific tips and sweet demos Ido Green
14:00-14:50 HTML5 threats and attack vectors + some attacks demo +
Security for business web apps – best practices and tips for the real world. Nimrod Luria
Q.rity – Quality Security Solutions Ltd.
A short coffee break to make sure everybody is awake…
15:10-15:35  Chrome Dev Tools Tips and best practices to work with Chrome Dev Tools. Ido Green
15:35-16:30 HTML5 mobile web apps Backbone.js and other tools with real world examples Ron Reiter

More sources from the talks and questions:

and for the ones that wish to try ChromeOS: and

Or the Ubuntu guys that want to have Canary.


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