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Mobile Web App Stack (Hebrew)

Here is short talk I gave in DevCon 2012. I’ve spoke about four topics:

  • The State of the mobile web
  • Design philosophy
  • How to build mobile web app
  • Tips and some knowledge from my (short) experience.
If you think about this situation:

You realize that there is no choice to stand on the side and not create a ‘mobile first’ approach to your business/organization. In a world where mobile devices are going to pass desktop users and keep the ‘up and to the right’ line even steeper there is no option not to be there. It’s going hand in hand with ‘offline first’ approach and the (huge) amount of JS MVC frameworks that let us create modern web apps. We wish to provide users with great web apps and offline is one critical factor.

Some of the main tips to be more productive when you develop your web apps are:

  • Try full tech stack like: thorax.js
  • When you aim to iOS its Safari console can be used for logging (Settings -> Safari -> Developer)
  • Simulate touch events on desktop with MagicTouch.js OR try the new feature we have in Chrome DevTools (only on Canary for now). You can simulate touch event.touch events in chrome dev tool
  • Remote debugging hack with or if you have Chrome on Android you can do remote debugging

Feel free to browse the slides of my talk. When you see a dot in the bottom left corner – just click on N and you will get some more information on the current slide.


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