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We Must Be ‘On’ Mobile

the mobile webWhat does it means? It’s not an easy short answer. We see a big wave of developers/startups and (even) big organizations, all claim they are ‘on’ mobile. It seems that in the past 12-18 months, mobile replace social as the must have word in any presentation for a new venture. Yet, so few are really doing it right. By ‘right’ I mean having a successful mobile application that works across multiple devices and leverage the capabilities of strong devices while let other devices still be functional and useful. On slide 10 you could see why

  'High expectations' + 'Harsh reality' === failure

Below is a short presentation that shows how to execute a mobile web project successfully with a cross-disciplinary team. I like that fact that they include a set of helpful tools and practices to get you started and help educate your coworkers and clients at the same time.

Main topics:

  • Selling the mobile-first philosophy and strategy. For example:
  • Overcoming people’s tendency to think anything made for mobile needs to be a native app.
  • How to create future-friendly mobile web experiences.

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