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Great Web App Session

At the last day (for me) in the Javaposse roundup 2012 we started (like any good day) with camp 4 coffee. Then, after you can speak (more or less) we sat to talk on what does we mean when we say: “Modern web app” or as Joel N. said: “Don’t use the word modern because it will become obsolete before you know it”. When we try to define a great web app here are some common aspects we found:

  • Self Contained
  • Functional
  • Immersive
  • Interactive
  • Works Offline
  • Device Aware
  • App Styled Navigation
  • Client Side Architecture
Few important things we can learn from Amazon web kindle app:
  • Does it cost more to support browser X than it generates?
  • Is the browser older than the mayo in your fridge?
  • Is an exorcist required to debug the app’s behavior?

The lesson is to be explicit about the browsers you support (just like Amazon). One of THE success stories about mobile web apps if the Financial times app. You might want to check the slides in order to get the full details of their success story.

Btw, in you can have this new script to help you popup the message for users to add your web app to their home screen. It will make the engejment of your app better and the user will be able to ‘treat’ your web app as any other app.

Here are my slides from the lighting talk on Great Web Apps that I gave later this day.


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