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Dart Hackathon In Tel Aviv

In the last weekend of April there we are going to have a Dart Global Happy Hour around the world. Luckily, we will have Tel Aviv on the map as well. Fitst, for the ones that still think we are speaking here about

Well, we are not talking about dart game in the irish pub. Although it’s good fun…

So… what is Dart?

Dart is structured web programming for the entire modern web. Like a good draught, Dart is fresh yet familiar, with unique touches that help create a delightful new experience for aficionados of software development. Dart delivers a smooth pour of a new language, libraries, virtual machine, and compilation to modern JavaScript. Dart will make web development crisp and refreshing again.

So in order to gain more feedback (and have fun hacking) we are going to have a #Dart hackathon in the last weekend of April. The keynote will be giving by +Gilad Bracha and we will have other Dart experts, helping during the hackathon. The event is going to take place at the Hub in Tel Aviv so if you wish to attend you better register asap at and for the schedule and more details on the event:

We ask all the participants to bring their own laptops and power cords. Please make sure to have Java, Dart SDK and the Dart Editor on your laptop before the hackathon. Here is a good page that will guide you on the process: The hub will provide WiFi and we will make sure there is enough food/drinks. If you wish to ‘test the water’ before the event – is an excellent resource to test the language and get a feel to the power of the APIs.

  • Disclaimer: Dart is “technology preview” (not yet even alpha). This hackathon is for experienced developers.

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