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JavaScript Maintainable Code

It’s a known fact that you read (=maintain) your code a lot more then you are writing it. Thus, you should be kind to your ‘future’ self (as the creator of SASS said very wisely).

In this presentation, Nicholas Zakas (from YUI fame) is doing it again with some powerful thoughts on how to keep your code in a shape you can do things with it when times comes (in most cases, it’s 5 minutes after you are ‘done’ with the beta version).

It’s full of good points. Some are basic (and importnat) like: Use CSS for the presentation layer, JavaScript to the behavior of your application and HTML for the structure (and data) and don’t cross the streams by making short cuts like putting some JS code inside you HTML and vis versa. He also talk about style (spaces vs tabs) and code readability. I’ve read his slides two times just to enjoy the cool pictures he is using… Plus it’s full of great tips that will put your code in a better shape.


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