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Google Cloud Platform: Technical Overview (Hebrew)

google think cloud

During last may we had a big event in Tel Aviv. It’s was brand as ‘Think Cloud’ and our talk took place in a bigger event that was ‘google week’. You can watch below an overview I gave on Google cloud platforms and new APIs (It’s in hebrew… but soon we will have this talk in english as well). We covered new (cloud) features that are now being offered to developers. Some of the most interesting ones are:

  • App Engine – Powerful, scalable application development and execution environment.
  • Cloud Storage – Store, access, and manage your data.
  • Big Query – Analyze terabytes of data in seconds.
  • Cloud SQL –Familiar relational database, with
    cloud benefits.
  • Prediction API – Understand and leverage your data for business insight. This is one of the most interesting APIs that give you an option to have powerful AI in your products.
In the talk you can see demos of using the big query in order to get results from 12.5G of data (= all wikipedia) and in our case it took less then 7sec. I hope you will enjoy it…

Btw, one of the most popular question I got in this event was “Why do I need Google platform?”. There are few answers, and in most of the cases it’s depend on your startup (and product) but the important common aspect are:
* Cost Savings – Yes, you will save money by using the cloud platforms.
* Improve Business Focus – You won’t need to handle administrative tasks on your servers. You could ‘just’ focus on what you do best and thus make your application better.
* Powerful Infrastructure – You can leverage the massive, scalable computing power that google is giving you. In most of the cases, it’s for free up to a limit.


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