Google I/O 2012 – Day 1

nexus q front sideI’ve took some notes during this packed day. I apologize if they are not ‘polish’… The main goal is to put them here asap and later (maybe, on my next 26h flight) work on them and make sure the wording is better.

Keynote take aways

  • Android – Nexus 7 looks like a great tablet. It’s in the right size and with many great apps that will shin on it. I hope to check it out soon specially as a reading device.
  • Nexus Q seems like powerful (and beautiful) computer that make music/video more social. The use cases are powerful and the ability to stream google music with a push of a button in your friends place – cool!
  • Google+ got event – finally we have a powerful mobile app that let you and your friends share photos together before/during/after events. I know several startups that are trying to solve this challenge and it’s going to be interesting to see what will happend in this space of geo-local-photo sharing apps.
  • Glass – Jumping from airplanes, bikes and some snapling on Moscone. What can I say? I want the roll Sergay is having these days… This video tell the story:

Web component Talk

  • Shadow Dom – encapsulate stuff in the DOM.
    You can follow on it using Chrome DevTools (go to setting and click on ‘show Shadow Dom’) in the example of a video tag you will see all the ‘shadows’ that are behind the sense (e.g. some divs, buttons etc’)
    It’s important to rememeber that for every DOM element we can have Shadow DOM rendered instead. We have here a rendering time structure which can help developer write more efficient web apps that runs faster and smoother.
  • Custom element – meaningful tas to extend DOM objects.
    Use the new HTML5 < element >
  • Templates – clonable DOM for easy authoring

In Parctice we try to ‘tell’ the browser what we mean. The declarative renaissance with web component will let developer to channel their intent to the web browser. It is giving developer CSS variables to custom components and define an api that other developers can leverage. It will let the community a way to share semantics and overtime we will see HTML envlolve due to popular use cases (e.g. x-poll tag).
Another important point is that declerative tags will run faster because the browser ‘understand’ them nativly.

Google Drive API

  • On ChromeOS you have today a strong integration with web applications like: Lucid Charts and Aviray. Both apps, are doing great job in their UI to use the user massel memory and make her productive asap. On the backend, they use google drive api to save your work.
  • You should use the google JS library and load the picker (in their drive example) and use it. It’s very easy and nice api to use.
  • Security – level of access (or scope). These level of access were very board… (scery) but now they have a new api (per file). Once you approve it (using OAuth2.0) the app will be able to access certain files.

Other great talks that I’ll fill in the details later are:

The Web Can Do That!?

The web is changing so quickly that it’s hard to keep up with what’s new in the platform. HTML5’s new capabilities allow developers to build a whole new suite of applications – things that were once impossible to do, are now a reality.

This session cover some of the bleeding edge of HTML5:

  1. media capture
  2. HTML5 file APIs
  3. Advanced usage of web sockets
  4. Media streaming.
  5. Device input
  6. CSS3 & multimedia.
  7. Modern CSS design.

Better Web App Development Through Tooling

Building a solid webapp is a challenge for all developers, but a plethora of tools have emerged recently to assist you. From starting boilerplates, to performance tuning and build tools, you’ll get a full overview of the tooling ecosystem. In this session, you’ll learn which mature and valuable open source projects can save you time as well as get answers to common questions in building a webapp.


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