Google I/O 2012 – Day 2

ido-google-io12bI had my talk on: HTML5 and App Engine: The Epic Tag Team Take on Modern Web Apps at Scale which was focusing on the latest and greatest application patterns and toolset for building cutting edge HTML5 applications that are backed by App Engine. This talk was focusing on an app that spans client and server (beer in our amazing example); We showed few nice features like OAuth2.0 that just works out of the box. In a nutshell, our talk aims to show you how to build a fantastic cloud-based HTML5 application with Goole App Engine. Both Brad Abrams and I will share another post with more details on the topics we covered. If you want to play with the ‘test-page’ and see what we manage to built in 45min go and check my github repository at: It’s far from being finished (the sync layer will be there in the next few weeks) and the app could get better, so feel free to fork it and improve it.

Google I/O 2012 logo

Some notes (not very polish at this stage – sorry) that I took during the day:

Google Drive – with its new SDK you can do much more for your users. In chromeOS it’s the ‘native’ file system and it will sync everything (that you need) to your local SSD. Modern Web apps are now very powerful and we see a wave of organizations that are now ‘going google’. Leading universities, enterprise and 400M ‘regular’ users are using Gmail (Docs, Cal and other products). We had Gmail offline (which working very nice on my long flights) and from today, Google docs are now working offline and soon both sheets and presentations.

Compute Engine

Let you run huge amounts of servers inside VMs (all linux based). Why it’s good?

  • Scale – It’s scaling to amounts that seems to be unreal. Imagen 7.5B hits per day on Google app engine…
  • Performance – You can count on certain time for performance.
  • Value – it’s much cheaper then other providers.

A demo of 600,000 core running live is very COOL – Lots of developers in the keynote were amazed to see it. The demo was to show a use case of helping human genom company run calculations in seconds and not minutes. This specific example, took 10min on 1000 cores and in the demo you saw new connections made in seconds (1-2 seconds instead of 10min on an infrastructure that would cost thousands of dollars.


The new Chromebox (and Chromebook) are a powerful devices. The Chromebox is a desktop that in a lot of cases will make people happier. For people that spend the vast majority of their time on the web it’s a perfect desktop computing machine. It will support your 30″ monitor (or any smaller one) and with the security (no more viruses or malware), speed (V8 is still the fastest JavaScript engine in the world) and simplicity of chrome – you will enjoy it.


USB, game-pad and audio API are now allowing us to have amazing games on the web.

HTML5 demo on Cirque du Soleil – using WebRTC to get the user image and let her control the experiance. Very cool CSS3 transitions and amazing graphics. Chrome got 310M users… It’s growing fast ‘up and to the right’. In the end of the day, we all get a better web because more developers want to use the new HTML5 features that are there.

I hope to update this very soon with the videos from my talk and the slides.


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