Google I/O 2012 – Day 3 (ChromeBox Intro)

Google I/O 2012 logo

Here is a short demo I did during that day. You can jump to 12:53min or just watch the other cool demos:

Other sessions I had the time to checkout and take some notes:

ChromeOS – Fireside chat

* Was good hour on what drive the thougths of the people around ChromeOS.
* It seems a lot of building blocks are coming to life (e.g. Google drive, html5 apis etc’)

High Performance HTML5
Steve Souders is a great speaker that live ‘performance’ for many years now.
He touch on some HTML5 features to seek out and which to avoid when it comes to building fast HTML5 web apps. For years we built web apps that far outpaced the capabilities of the browsers they ran in. Just as the browsers were catching up HTML5 came on the scene – video and audio, canvas, SVG, app cache, localStorage, @font-face, and more. Now the browsers are racing to stay ahead of the wave that’s building as developers adopt these new capabilities. Is your HTML5 app going to ride the wave or be dashed on the rocks leaving users stranded?

Google cloud storage

  • It’s a service that let you store your data on google infrastrcute.
  • multiple layers of radundancy – multiple data centers: US/EU.
  • 5T objects can be store – meaning you don’t have to worry… it’s ‘unlimited’ for most usecases

How to Use it?

  1. Go to
  2. Cloud storage got a RESTful API – that you can test from the terminal (or any language you wish).
  3. A little demo of ‘gsutil’ that let you work with cloud stroage using linux like command line tool.
  4. You can (also) use a web UI

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