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Modern Web Apps Utilizing HTML5 APIs – O’Reilly Webcast

Yesterday I had the pleasure to do another webcast with O’rielly. This time the subject was “Modern web apps & HTML5 New APIs“. The webcast  covered new (and old) techniques for building modern web apps and how to utilize the latest HTML5 APIs to create a new class of web apps that will delight and amaze your users. Some of the main topics were:

  • The latest and greatest application patterns and toolset: MV* frameworks, offline first and Chrome Frame.
  • Some cool tips on Chrome DevTools – On few slides I’ve open this powerful tool in order to show its power.
  • APIs for building cutting edge HTML5 applications: WebGL, Device APIs, CSS3 layouts and many more…

You could watch the recorded webcast

or check out the page on O’reilly website: and if you wish to follow with the slides you can find all of them at

Here is some of the feedback I got on Google+

Be strong.


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