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Educational Apps On ChromeOS

As the academic year is starting, let’s have a closer look at what apps can make the life of students and teachers better. There are few sections in Chrome web store that will show us the current inventory: Academic apps, Academic resources and Tools for Teachers. From looking around of them you can see some nice example like: LucidChart For EDUPlanetariumGeoGebra and many more. It’s depend on your kids age and level but you might find good options in the chrome web store from starting to read apps and up to full ‘office’ apps for collage.

If I was in school today, I guess would take a lot of my time. It’s got the perfect combination of quality content (in ‘eatable’ sizes of 10min each) and a set of exercise that could show me if I really understood a certain topic. Their new Computer Science section is extremely powerful. It will help students to start play with CS and have fun while doing so. The feedback that you get while programming there is something that will make students productive quickly. Another cool web app that will teach you a new language quickly (while you are helping a novel goal of translating the web) is If you want to learn few words before your next trip, it’s very useful. Last but not least, you might want to try which should improve brain health and its performance.

Btw, this is one of the best talks around our education system and what needs to change.

Have a great learning year.


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