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DevCon TLV 2012

In a nutshell, DevCon TLV was a great event! It’s getting better and bigger every year. There were lots of developers, friends and rock bands (a bit early in the morning – but great way to wake up quickly). This year all the talks were limited to 25min (with 5min of questions) where after lunch people had the options to choose ‘agile’ track as well. I’ve got to listen to some great talks and I hope we could see all of them online soon. This year my talk in DevCon TLV was “Big Data and HTML5“. This slides cover some of the main points of Google cloud products: Google Cloud Endpoints and Big Query. I wanted to give developers the option to see how they can combine modern web apps with cloud technologies that give a lot of power. The first product we covered is still in ‘trusted tester’ mode and it give the developer the option to build an API (in Google App Engine supported technologies: Java, Python and Go) that will work in minutes with all the scale of Google app engine. You can read more deeply about Google Cloud Endpoint and HTML5 or just have a look at this talk:

(*) This time the talk is in hebrew…  I hope that soon I’ll have another version of it in english.


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