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Java Posse Podcast Episode On Great Web Apps

In the last Java Posse Roundup (=the best unconference you can attend) we had many very interesting meetings. In this one hour conversation we were talking about modern great web apps and what does it means to different developers. Some of the topics we spoke about where around new JavaScript MV* frameworks (ember, backbone, spine, angular etc’). What we used to do 35 years ago (main frames days!) and what is similar (or not) today. Thanks to @joelneely for correcting me with the title by making a great point on replacing the word ‘modern’ with ‘great’. Some of the topics that were discussed:

Since we had no-snow and free time, we did few ‘rolling’ hackathons in the afternoons. You can browse the coding projects on GitHub JavaPosseRoundup. Checkout, some cool Scala, Android, HTML5 apps that are there. Lastly, I also gave a talk about this topic before the conference at a Google developer meetup. Here are the “Modern Web Apps slides from my talk that contain more good information about the subject.


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