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Special GDL-IL On Startups #tips

GDL-IL on startupsIt is a busy week (and we are only on TUE). First, we had the opportunity  to host four founders from around the world (Sweden, Moscow and Israel) on GDL-IL. It was in a special episode about: Sartups, VCs, Angles and how to improve your pitch. I had the pleasure to host Eze Vidra, Head of Google Campus London who gave important feedback after each pitch. The structure of the show was like that: each founder got 3 minutes to pitch his startup and then we gave them feedback and asked more questions in order to understand the strengths better. I liked the fact that each founder choose a different way to pass his message. It was very interesting to hear the progress and learn about the key accomplishments that each of them made. I will write a more detailed summary of this conversation but for now you can enjoy it over here:

Second, last night, fresh from the oven a new podcast in hebrew on HTML5 and CSS3 New & Cool Stuff saw life. I had the honor to be a guest (again) on and talk about new web technologies that I’m passion about. If you are a developer that wish to hear quality content in hebrew on subjects that relate to your profesional life. Give it a try,  today they have more then 150 episodes that cover A LOT of topics. You can download the mp3 file from here.