Chrome For Enterprise

During my work with big organizations I got many questions about deploying Chrome for enterprise. What are the management capabilities? Which policy I can control? Is there an option to use MSI? The good news is that most of the answers are… Yes! Chrome/Chromuim supports few ways to control your browser’s activity. It can be done by using group policy, MCX files and external configuration files. In the end of the day, the administrator of your organization can manage and control all the Chrome installations. One of the main question CIO/CTO has is about the option to control the auto-updates. Well, You can control it. For more details you can read the first bullet in the list below. The other items in that list will help you understand more on the capabilities and see how you can deploy it on any network (windows, linux and mac).

(*) More information on all the benefits of Chrome for enterprise and businesses can be found here. And as we know, in the business world the EULA is important as well.

Chrome Frame

Another great option for enterprises that need to work with IE is to install Chrome-Frame. Chrome Frame is an Internet Explorer plug-in that renders specific web pages in Chrome. That’s right… You will be able to use the latest HTML5 features (e.g. see amazing 3D WebGL charts) inside your IE6-8. It’s very powerful way to empower your people with modern browser today.


6 thoughts on “Chrome For Enterprise

  1. Hardik Dangar says:

    Chrome have one huge disadvantage for corporates. “PRINT”…..

    Chrome’s Print support is purely questionable after 4 years it still lakes some of the basic printing features every browser has and prints even simple html document without css “ugly”.
    Most of corporate companys require enterprise level application reporting and thats were chrome is really bad and needs to improve. as a developer i have filed many print bugs in chromium but most of them was closed without any comment or most of them have been labeled in webkit bug or NOT near feature. well those features are already there in other browsers even hack its there in IE6. 😀

    So i guess chrome is not enterprise ready yet…. 🙂

    • greenido says:

      1. I don’t really understand what you mean? Do you have any examples? and/or links to the bugs you open?
      2. Have you saw cloud print? You can checkout this new powerful technology: I know several business that are very satisfy with it.
      3. Let’s not forget that you can always use the printing definitions in the OS and in that way, Chrome will be like any other app that wish to print.

      • Hardik Dangar says:


        Well i am telling the way chrome parses print html and css is way too diffrent it’s not standard. it uses 3rd party library which was hacked into webkit. if you print page via normal printer or save as pdf output between chrome and other browsers are way too diffrent. in case of tables cells are not correctly spawned or headers are not repeated where it should repeat.

        If you want to see those issues, search it on google “chrome print issues” or “chrome print table issues”

        In my specific case i don’t remember other bugs but this one i do remember it’s been there since 3 years….
        There are others but mostly are closed with comment webkit issue or not possible

  2. greenido says:

    Thank you @hardik for the clarification. The best option to drive (any) change is by using
    If you can create a new bug with a good example – I’ll be happy to follow up on it.

    • Hardik Dangar says:


      if you want i can send you sample pdfs with sample code where chrome behaves so weirdly that you won’t believe. even ie6 prints the page exactly like current firefox but chrome prints table in such a way that it’s useless for simple report.

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