Google Campus TLV Is Open!

Campus TLVToday we (Google Israel) are opening Campus TLV. It’s going to be a great place for entrepreneurs and startups in Israel. We are going to have a big space for events, hackathons and a nice device library (so you could test you mobile apps on all the important devices out there). If you are starting a company and/or working on your idea, you could checkout the Campus site and see what event/meetup will be best for you. The Campus space will be used by developers, start-ups and partners for events, and entrepreneurs will get access to Google’s teams and other experts. We’re also working with tech incubators, accelerator programs and other partners to bring their start-ups to Campus for an initiative called “Launch Pad.” It’s a two-week “bootcamp” for more than 100 start-ups each year, aimed at enhancing existing accelerator programs by providing expertise in user experience and design, product strategy, global marketing, business development and more.

Another option to keep yourself updated with all the new technologies is to join one of the Google Developer Groups near the place you live.

Happy hacking!