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GDL-IL On Bootstrap Chrome Extensions

GDL-IL on ExtensionsThis week we spoke with Alex Wolkov from fame on Chrome extensions and how/when/why you should use them. During these 30min we covered these main points:

  • What is it an extension? If you wish to add functionality to the web app/sites you like? Well, this is the way to do it while using your front-end knowledge (HTML, JS, CSS) to add features to web app/sites that you are working with.
  • What about compatibility with other browsers? (another startup from Israel) provide you wish this functionalty. We showed them in this GDL-IL Extension show
  • What are the best tools?
    • MV* frameworks
    • CSS grids
      • Twitter bootstrap
      • Any other grids you like – In most cases it should work nicely.
      • jQueryMobile have some ‘corner cases’ that you will need to pay attention.
  • How to develop an extension quickly?
  • How to debug extensions – page/browser action
    • Enable developer mode
    • about:inspect
    • Right click -> inspect element
  • Chrome Web Store Tips
    • We walk on that developer dashboard and show what are the main points to pay attention.
    • Like in other market places, you want all the images to be no less then AMAZING. Plus, try with a 30sec video that explain the users why the extension (or app) is a ‘must have’.
  • Alex shared 3 extensions
    • Adblock plus
    • Currently – replaces home page
    • 1password/lastpass.

Lots of good tips and points for developers that wish to be more productive in their next extension and/or chrome app.

I hope you will enjoy the conversation as much as I did.

Happy new year!


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