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HTML5 And Google App Script

App scriptIn our GDL-IL today, I’ve talked about a fun project I did in the past. It’s a single web page application that let you manage an event. We covered some of the basic components we used in order to built this site and then we jumped into the app script code and showed how to work with the online IDE that let you write, run and debug your server side code. The site gives you basic functions like:

  • What  – What is the event goal/mission or why should I come.
  • Where – Information on the venue and where to park. We use some nice custom google map in order to follow the rule: “one picture is worth 10,000 words”.
  • Contact – Who is running the event and ways to get in touch.
  • Registration – Using Google forms and app script, as our backend, we will have a system to keep track on the registration process.
The special thing is that we won’t need to have our own server in order to manage the ‘backend’. We will use google sheets and some app script magic to have all the functionality of keeping a good connection with the participates of the event.
In the system backend code we got:
  • Set up the maximum number of people that could participate in this event.
  • Send a confirmation email.
  • Send a waiting-list email to the ones that are filling the registration form after the maximum number of participate is being reach.
  • Send a reminder email (a week and/or a day) before the event.
  • Lastly, after the event, send an email with a link to a feedback form. We want to be able to improve…
The basic requirements of our system are:
  1. Simple one page app that will render nicely on mobile devices (e.g. phones, tablets) and desktops.
  2. Backend that let us run the communication with the participates and keep tracks on the registration process. Here we will wish to send confirmation emails, waiting-list notices and then update members when we have spots opened so they could join the event.

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