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HTML5 APIs On Google Developers Live Israel

html5-cakeThis week we spoke about “Modern Web Applications Utilizing HTML5 APIs“.
Some of the things we covered:

  • Defining the modern web app
  • Designing a web app with a thought on all devices out there.
  • HTML5 Power tools/APIs
  • Google cloud endpoints and why it’s a great option to built your next powerful API.

In a try to define A “modern” web app, I tried to highlight few characteristics:

  • They are self contained with one (or few) main goal(s).
  • They feel “native”: they are leveraging HTML5 APIs that let the app have “native” capabilities, like Offline, Geo, drag and drop, transitions, etc.
  • “offline first” –  we wish our users to be productive when there is no connection or when there is a flaky connection. These apps are built from the ground up with the idea of “offline.” It’s similar to a native app that you will “install” first and later fetch the data.
  • Device aware: the apps are working great on mobile devices as well as on laptops and desktops.
  • Great performance / 60 FPS: the great modern apps are utilizing CSS3, HTML5 and the mobile browsers to give the users a smooth experience where everything is working fast. The “offline first” methodology is helping here as well.

you can read more in a short interview I gave to O’Reilly on this subject.


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