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7 Amazing Techmarkers

google-techmarkersI was lucky enough to be in the room for their final rehearsal (yep… it was in the same room that I gave my I/O talk). However, I could not focus on preparing, because their stories were so powerful and inspiring. Each and everyone had a story that kept the ‘wow’ effect. If you have time this weekend… you won’t regrat it.

It’s a series of TED style short talks from:

  • Megan Smith (VP, Google[x])
  • Susan Wojcicki (SVP, Ads & Commerce)
  • Anna Patterson (VP, Knowledge)
  • Johanna Wright (VP, Search and Assist, Android)
  • Kathy Kleiman (Founder of the ENIAC Programmers Project)
  • Jean Wang (Hardware Lead, Glass)
  • Diane Greene (Board of Directors, Google).

So as you can imagen, it’s full of memorable stories, insights, and “ah ha!” moments from being technical leaders inside innovative companies.


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