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Google APIs On GDL Israel

Google APIsIn this week we spoke about Google APIs and how you can work with them from the client (e.g JavaScript) and from the server (in this case, it was with PHP but there are many more options).

The main link that you will want to start with is: which give you the option to ‘activate’ which APIs you are going to use and later on each and every one of them you can click on the ‘question mark’ and jump to a starting guide. Another good tool is the API-Explorer which give you the option to test APIs quickly and see what each end-point will return.

In this session I’ve show how to work with youtube API in order to search for cool ‘snowboard videos’ and how to authenticate with Google+ and retrive basic user’s information. If you wish to work with your (new) API on Google App Engine you might want to check Google cloud Endpoints and the slides from my talk at I/O 2013.


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